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Art Directory is a digital platform for Media and Entertainment Industry. We are a platform to showcase Artists & their Art-Works and help them to sell their Art-Pieces without the Involvement of any Commission or Middle-Men.

A place where Artists meet Buyers without any

Art directory, an initiative by an NGO, encourages and promotes Artists in the country. Artists list their art-work with us to get it sold. Artist profiles are selected by individuals/companies scouting for Art works and have the facility to contact the artist directly through their Profiles, Art-Work, Contact Number & other necessary details for the buyers to get in touch with them directly without any middlemen. Our artist adviser mentors them to achieve their ambition. Without confining ourselves to boundaries, we believe in exploring new ways of using art as an instrument to initiate meaningful discourses. A platform where the artist gets a platform to get business leads, sponsorship, branding and recognition for their Talent and Art.

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Not many can understand the story that an artist intends to say though their masterpiece, but everyone does appreciate the visual beauty of it which is why we have a section on our website dedicated for such art enthusiasts to look at. We provide updates on all the latest art fairs, exhibitions and art auctions. We also provide you news on art and changing art market trends.

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness. Keeping that in mind ADI has built a section for you to look at the new building designs, interior ideas and details on the ever-so evolving builder world.

The skill or art that will elevate your excitement level are rare to find and that is why we have updates on the world’s best and renowned artists, singers, bands, actors/actresses present on our website. We provide you with the latest news about film releases, record breaking music albums, upcoming TV shows and everything you need to know about the film and music industry.

Art Directory India brings you one step closer to the latest lifestyle trends. News, reviews and updates on recent book launches, new generation boats, watches, coffee table books, art books and many more. Explore the lifestyle section of our blog and get enlightened on all the latest news!

The fashion world is changing every day with mind-blowing designers all over the world designing the unthinkable. ADI gives you all the latest updates on emerging fashion trends, best style guides, upcoming designers, accessories, parties as well as runway trends. Access to the fashion world is just a click away!


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As suggested by a friend of mine, I paid Rs.3000 to Art Directory India to Display my three paintings for 3 months. In 3 months, I was able to sell two of my paintings directely to Real Buyers. I have recieved around 20 calls enquiring about my paintings in this Duration. Now I am Diplaying 7 Painting with Art Directory India now.
After listing my art-work with Art Directory India, I got a call from a reputated Art Gallery (I can't disclose its name) who see my art-work here & they offer me a great discount to display my art work with them. I am displaying my more Art Pieces with Art Directory India now.
Thank you Art Diectory India
Mike Hussey
Being a sculpture artist, it was difficult for me to sell them because auction houses and art galleries demand heavy commission. Then comes Art Directory India. They charge me with only 1000 Rs for displaying my sculpture for three months. I got 20 calls in forst month for enquiry and I was able to sell my sculpture by 2nd month.
Deepak Soni
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