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What do you think of monsoons? Do you like the joy of soaking in the rain or do you irk about the idea of getting messed up before your day starts in the office? It is rather a contradictory opinion. Isn’t it? Even though monsoon is the season of love and enjoyment it can bring along some skin abnormalities and hair problems caused by the humidity, dirt and pollution. Thus, it needs the best care possible. Here are the ten must-have products and methods that you could do to take care of your skin and hair and feel confident, healthy and happy, even in the monsoons.

Cleansing is one of the important skin routines. Neem face wash is best considered for the skin suffering from pimples. Acne is the sole problem for oily skin types. Cleansing two times a day can be helpful to get the dirt out of your skin. If you are a dry skin type, cleaning your face once can be enough just to avoid any torn skin or rashes. If you want to use the face wash twice, you can apply it on your t-zone. Himalaya Neem Face wash is good enough for your skin.

Aloe vera gel is very helpful and can be the healing solution for acne and avoids blackheads. Do not apply moisturiser directly on your face. First, apply some aloe vera gel and then on top of that, you can apply the moisturiser. Make sure to not apply way too much of aloe vera gel as extending the limit can harsh to your skin. Aloe Vera gel by Patanjali is the most preferred by the consumers. If you’re looking for other suggestions then Blossom Kochhar is also a great choice and very effective.

Moisturiser is one of the other important daily skin routines. Yet, knowing the amount that is supposed to be applied on your face can be tricky because applying too much of moisturiser can be harmful. For dry skin type generic moisturiser from Johnson’s or VLCC Honey Moisturiser is great. For oily skin, oil-free moisturiser from Blossom Kocchar can do wonders.

Blackheads are the roots of acne. It takes its forms inside your skin pores and if not taken care in time then it can turn into acne. The reason behind the blackheads is humidity, sweat and dirt. The charcoal face mask is very effective in pulling out all the blackheads from your face. Even though there is readymade charcoal face mask available in the market, a homemade solution can be more effective for your skin. All you got to do is follow these simple steps:
• Take two charcoal tablets (you can get it from any nearby pharmacy which is going to cost you around Rs. 2 per tablet) and crush it into the form of powder.
• Add the crushed charcoal with some aloe vera gel and a face mask, like Everyuth. (you can use the face mask which you think is more preferable and suitable for your skin)
Before applying the mask, steam your face with some with the wet towel dipped in hot water. After that, you can apply the face mask and wait until it dries up. While taking the mask out you can notice the blackheads coming out of your face stuck in the layer of the mask, especially the t-zone. In the end, massage your face with some ice cube wrapped in a piece of cloth or a clean handkerchief because ice can help to close the skin pores where the blackheads occur. Remember to apply this mask only on your oily parts of the face. Doing this three times a week can get you a face free of blackheads.

Skin is the largest organ of our body. Not only the face skin but the remaining body skin also needs care. You can go for some ayurvedic companies like Rose and Jasmine Body Moisturiser from Kama Ayurveda. There is also a hand lotion available in Kama Ayurveda, after all, who doesn’t want soft and smooth hands this season! Products from Kama Ayurveda can be a bit expensive but if you’re looking for something more affordable then you would prefer using body lotion from Himalaya or VLCC.

Water is the most important and effective source for anything everything in our body. Drinking at least 2-3 litres of water every day is a must for healthy and glowing skin. Coconut water can also help in the nourishment and making your skin pure and healthy.

Well, carrying wet wipes in weather like this is a safe option for anyone. Or else who knows when a speedy car comes hitting that dirty puddle on your face! The most preferred wet wipes are from Innisfree, L’Oreal Paris, and Himalaya and of course Johnson’s Baby. Wet wipes can be very effective or useful for outdoors this season as it helps in cleansing your face when you’re working out somewhere for long.

It is monsoon time. It is quite obvious that your hair is going to get messy with the rain and sweat. It gets oily within 2 days. It is suggested that you should wash and oil your hair at least 3 times a week. The best oil suggested for hair oiling is coconut oil of course. But if you’re looking for something new and something more effective and better you can try sesame oil. It is available in Kama Ayurveda. If you’re looking for more affordable one then there is Morpheme Organic Sesame Oil.

Cleaning your scalp regularly this season is a must. Always make sure to comb and detangle your hair before step into the shower to shampoo. If you shampoo your hair while it’s tangled and it has more chance for breakage and hair fall. And if you’re looking for an appropriate shampoo for your hair, well then who knows about your hair better than you. Khadi has a good hair shampoo and cleansing products. Whatever hair problem you’re dealing with you can look for shampoo in Khadi. It’s great and more suggested.

After all, who doesn’t want a good and a refreshing shower if you come back home messed up in rain or sweat? The Body Shop’s Strawberry Shower Gel is going get you like… Then there is Patanjali’s body wash, very refreshing and a very soothing aroma and smell.

Wishing, to all the monsoon lovers, a very happy monsoon and happy everything. And to the readers who aren’t fond of the rainy season don’t forget to carry your umbrellas and raincoats and wet wipes and body mists.

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