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100 years of Indian Cinema


With lots of emotions and feelings towards the Indian Cinema from the people of India shows how much they are attached to a dramatic fiction which is shown in a television .Extensive devotion they give to the Indian cinema is the reason which changes their mindset and give them the hope to never give up .Since the starting of the era of movies in India has always been a type of motivation to the people, by their contents and some of the spiritual dialogues which just make a separate space in mind of people.
Since these early beginnings India’s film industry has continued to flourish, growing in popularity, size and reach.In one way we can say that Indian Cinema has given Indians everything like it gives us a spirit of becoming the good character in the movie and like the character help the needy ones or give hope to someone who is very frustrated in his life.Today we can see that people don’t have time to even wait and smile and just in that case a entertaining movie containing a comedy scene makes their day.Indian people are so devoted to Indian Cinema that they just need a glimpse of an actor or actress working in the movies to make them feel lucky and also a great memory entire their life; they can never forget that day. In some places in India the actor or the actress of a movie is also worshipped.In the late 1920s the British government tried to promote UK film in India in an attempt to overtake the growing American cinema, and created the Indian Cinematograph Enquiry Committee. This programme failed with this aim however, with the committee favouring Indian produced films; it seemed that nothing could stop the growth of this national movement.This shows how much we respect and are devoted towards Indian Cinemas.The Indian film industry stands above most other national cinemas due to its local focus yet enormous size.In all the 100years we learnt so many things from Indian Cinema; which included so many ups and downs but the craze of people of India to the cinemas never got less.In the 100 years since, Indian films – which include Bollywood productions – have become a cinematic phenomenon watched by millions of people around the world regardless of their religion or background.And this is the main reason for the success of Indian Cinema.

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