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5 Tips on decorating a small apartment.


5 Tips on decorating a small apartment.
When moving to another city, another place is not a big enough hassle in itself, decorating your place becomes a new one. Decorating your own place can become miserable pleasure in itself. You need to take quick and right decisions and make suitable choices and taking all these decisions for a small place can become a headache very quickly. Decorating your home can go either way; you can go from getting a chic and classy place to a barn with a bath. To help you make the right decisions, here are 5 tips on how to decorate a small apartment.
1. Don’t over crowd it.
The prime factor to keep in mind while decorating a small place is to avoid overcrowding. If you get too many things in your living room or bedroom then it starts to look congested, it also eliminates good sitting or living environment. So the first tip would be to place lesser furniture or get furniture that look smaller but has enough space as per your need. For example you want to set up your living room, you could get an L- shaped single couch, as they have enough space thus one single couch can fulfill your need, if you need more sitting arrangements then you can place a small ottoman stool or a cushion chair that’s not too big, with this arrangement you can place a classic wood finish center table 12 to 18 inches tall on top of a rug or a carpet. This arrangement with decorative items such as paintings, vases plants or lamps, will look chic and classy and won’t over crowd your living room.
2. Choose the carpets and curtains wisely.
After you’ve filled your room with its basic need, you need to choose the right carpet and curtain. Choosing the carpet and curtain is a very important decision as curtains and carpets are the true essence of a room. This essence beautifies the look of the room. The curtains and carpets should be chosen according to color pallet of the room. The color pallet means the prime colors in your room, for example people often use pastel colors and match other things in the room in contrast with those colors. The color pallet is the most important thing to keep in mind as it completes the room. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid bulky curtains or rugs. Curtains should be very light weight to avoid the bulkiness of the room, the carpets shouldn’t be too bulky or too thick as it un-evens the look and make smaller room look congested. You can also go for blinds as they take up minimum space and make the room look classier with their finish. Not just carpets and blinds, while hanging paintings and other wall art and decorative items keep the color pallet of your room in mind.
3. Focus on lighting.
Lighting is a very dynamic yet important factor. Lighting works like salt to your room, it should be well spread and mixed with the room so that it doesn’t sting you. Therefore lighting should be well spread in the whole room; this not only beautifies your furniture and artifacts but also gives proper lighting to your room. To provide proper lighting to any room you can either use ceiling lights or you can use lamps. Ceiling light spreads the light properly in your room. If you choose to use lamps then you should use lamps with same colored lighting, try putting lamps in different corners of your room. This way lighting in your room will be uniform.
4. Put your stuff in.
Smaller rooms look more messy and congested with stuff lying around or organized loosely around the room, try putting most of your stuff inside cupboards or on shelves, this way the room looks more organized and the space looks bigger. Put out only the necessary things that get in use every day. Kitchen is the room with a lot of jars, boxes, equipment and utensils, try using shelves for these things and only get the necessary things in the open for example coffeemaker or mixer. This is also helpful when it comes to bathrooms.
5. Be efficient.
The last tip mainly consists of a hack since we require tons of things in our daily life and to attend those needs we crowd our homes with a huge pile of things. Cupboards in small apartment are especially the trouble maker; the doors of cupboards take up ample space in the room, use cupboards with sliding doors. This way you get room for your bed and other furniture. Do not stick the bed by the wall because that makes the bed look cramped up in the corner. Use your small space efficiently with proper furniture and things.
This completes the 5 tips on decorating a small apartment. Experiment your décor with these tips renovate your home. Try using potted plants in the house these make the house look more cozy and comfortable.

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