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5 Trending shoes for men in 2019!


5 Trending shoes collection for men in 2019

Trending shoes in 2019 that every men should have !

1. Blue suede leather shoes
A new trend in the market is this one ! These shoes are made of a cloth material. This pair of shoes are perfect to rock a casual look and is a must buy because they are not so costly.

You can pair them with shorts and even with chinos. So go for it , grey suede leather shoes are in trend and you should buy them as soon as possible !

2. Patent leather shoes

This particular pair of shoe is a must buy for all men out there. This is the safest option when it comes to wedding or a party. You can rock these formal shoes with tux or a suit.

You cannot wear these shoes with casual shirt or even with the party wear shirt because these shoes mainly works with a tuxedo. So, buy them and look super cool when there is a wedding or a party.

3. The Classic sneakers
Sneakers are something that everyman has. You can wear them with almost any casual outfit. Most trending shoes nowadays are the white sneakers and every third person is having them. Also, Blue sneakers are always a good option for you.

If you are not having a pair of sneaker, go and buy them now, trust me you will not regret buying them. For college students out there, this is a best for you guys.

4. Runners
These types of shoes are mainly for athletes or you can wear them in gym. Unless, you are not sure whether you can pull it off or not, wear these shoes with denim or sportswear.

In 2019, Runners are something that you can try for a change. Obviously, don’t pair them with any casual look because you have better option than these shoes, therefore wear these shoes when maybe you are going for a morning walk or you are going to a gym.

5. Derby dress shoes
These shoes are semi-formal shoes and you can wear them in parties. Every man needs at least one pair of derby shoes so that there is no problem whenever you’re invited to a party.

You can go with black and brown derby shoes as you can pair them with absolutely anythinh, as a result you will look the best out there.

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