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5 Trending YouTube channels with Everyday content


5 Trending YouTube channels with Everyday content
TVF (The Viral Fever): With subscribers of 6.48M this channel is on top of its game with a weekly dosage of perfect humour and drama. Along with a YouTube channel TVF also has an app for their content making it easier for the viewers to follow. With some widely acclaimed web series like Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Tripling, Yeh Meri family etc. TVF has created a huge network of viewers. Their recent web series named Kota Factory was very appreciated by their audience and has been in the talk ever since. For amazing entertaining experience, the viral fever of this channel is highly recommended.
The Timeliners: With 5.52M subscribers this channel creates various sketches related to our day to day lifestyles. They describe their work as story of our timelines in the social media driven generation and also intend to change lives and perspectives with their sketches. This channel has some superb and hilarious content which can make you visit your own memory lane of experiences. They have also created some superb web series such as Engineering Girls and Flames. Sketches on Just Indian Things and Types of people are totally worth a watch.
Girliyapa: With 3.86M subscribers this is a women centric channel which revolves around all the problems and situations in a woman’s daily life. You can devour a vast playlist of relatable, funny, real and interesting stories in every woman’s life which has never been disclosed. They have created some interesting web series such as Girls Hostel, PA-Girls, Girlsplaining, Ladies Room Backchodi etc. Every girl should definitely binge watch on the content of this channel to celebrate your womanhood, and men out there can also enjoy the fun woman go through because they are probably more than just Venus! After all, why should boys have all the fun!!
Dice media: With 2.19M subscribers this YouTube channel is going strong in recognition among the web series community. With a lot of random sketches once in a while, dice media had recently aired their most awaited show Adulting2. Working with filter copy and gobble as their sister channels, dice media came into recognition with their web series Little Things, starring Mithila palkar and Dhruv Sehgal. They have also made shows such as what folks, home sweet office, fairy lights etc. every video on this channel can make you understand more about every relation around you.
Ok tested: With 573K subscribes this channel is new in business with a lot of fun stuff on their channel. This channel creates content varying from food challenges, trials, experiments, and tasks. Apart from having fun, you can actually learn some fun facts and trivia questions from the quiz they conduct among their own crew. These fun questions can make you the star host of your next house party!! You can even discover new food joints around you and attack on them with you foodie squad and enjoy a gobbling weekend.

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