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8 cool songs to hit the pool side!!!!


If you are trying to beat the heat chill with these cool songs on the poolside.
1. “Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)” – Lily Allen
Lily Allen flips the bird to her haters and faux friends with this catchy track. The upbeat vocals tangled with a lightweight piano melody and a solid beat create the tune excellent to pop out a lazy summer day.

2. “MOVE TO MIAMI” – Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull
Released in early May, “MOVE TO MIAMI” is the party song of the summer. Enrique Iglesias has collaborated with Pitbull on many occasions and this track isn’t any different. both the artists toured along within the past year and their chemistry continues to be recent.

3. “Anthropocene” – Samsa
Samsa, a delineate “lo-fi desi rapper” primarily based out of Queens, New York, recently retired from the music business. However, “Anthropocene” was somewhat of a parting gift. A grim and optimistic read of the apocalypse, the protagonist finds comfort within the proven fact that though his doom is looming, at least he’s together with his spouse.

4. “Machika” – J Balvin, Jeon, Anitta
The song focuses on a lady worse than Annabelle, the haunted doll, and therefore the protagonist’s struggles together with his feelings for her. although “Machika” is originally Jeon’s song, he and J Balvin collaborated to form this summer party selection.
5. “Be Careful” – Cardi B
Cardi gets real in “Be Careful.” although she claims the song has nothing to try and do with Offset’s supposed unfaithfulness, the track acts as an FYI for anyone fascinated by Cardi as a partner: She won’t place up with cheating. “Be careful with me,” she croons, “Yeah, it’s a not a threat, it’s a warnin’.”

6. “My One” – Lily Allen
Lily Allen recounts her humourous relationship horrors in one among her newest tracks, “My One.” She reminisces on “losers” and skipping out on staying for breakfast as a result of her lover wasn’t her “one.” This song is in each manner refreshing and excellent for those searching for their “one.”

7. “Pa Dentro” – Juanes
Another hit from late may, Juanes returns with “Pa Dentro,” despite dropping an album last year also. within the song, the protagonist evaluates his feelings throughout a romantic encounter. The smooth, controlled voice of Juanes is ideal for this ballad.

8. “Shotgun” – George Ezra
George Ezra’s rich, deep voice compliments his song “Shotgun,” very well. The protagonist sings concerning “Lager tops” and “riding shotgun” on a hot day, 2 recognizable summer motifs. With a bouncy beat and steady vocals, “Shotgun” could be a nice song to blast out of your car’s speakers.

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