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A Prescribed Day Tour


Every first opening of eyes flashes about the heading feets not remembering about a secret peace.
And then there comes a mind who is always on a ride wanting to defeat the strings of time.
With lots of butterflies there is a heart who is high looking to give a five.
The voice of the crowd becomes the overwhelming noise ignoring the striking vibe.
As the day passes there is a mouth chirping complaining about everything we have.
The warmly sunshine with the pleasant sound there comes the knees bent avoiding everything around.
The path on the street trying to see me out of the freaks but soon realising of my dragging feet.
Looking at the passing sun and sky growing dull through the window, leaving the hands full of byes for the shadow.
Finally, there comes the knocking of the peace reviving what was the list and the soul resisting the prescription of the deeds.

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