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A Thousand Splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini


A Thousand Splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini
Born in Kabul in 1965 Khaled Hosseini has written many international bestsellers starting his journey by his first novel “The Kite Runner”. This book is also one of the best works of the author.
The story starts with an illegitimate child named Mariam, who is very fond of her father and is very protective of him. Miriam always loves spending time with her father even if it is limited. However, her mother never likes the way she adores her father and often tries to manipulate her into not seeing her father. But Miriam being adamant and brave one day goes in search of her father, only to return to her dead mother. Miriam’s mother could bear Miriam’s desperation of being loved and couldn’t see her getting disappointed.
This book shows true vulnerability of relations and that of people abiding by those relations. The narrative is so real that it can make you feel Miriam’s disappointment and anger towards her father. Her father’s family never accepted her, so she was married to an older man. And sent far away to Afghanistan to build a whole new family for herself with an unknown man in an unknown city. The uneasiness and dilemma described in the narrative can even a make a man realise the anguish of a woman. The story beautifully describes Miriam constant effort to gather herself up and move on with her new life. The mental and physical surrender made by her everyday to blend into her new life which was imposed on her and the life she had started accepting.
Alongside this scenario, a totally different life of a young girl named Laila is picturised. Laila unlike Miriam is a free and independent school going girl who enjoys every bit of freedom provided to her by her father. The relationship of Laila and Tariq is described with utter innocence. The narration describes the change of emotions in a girl with the change in relationship with a person. As the story proceeds the characters cross paths and become a part of each other’s life. Miriam and Laila share a very delicate relationship in the beginning. As time passes and they both see each other standing at the same path that once they walked, they accept each other in their lives just to make their days easier.
Since the story revolves around the time of war in afganistan. When Taliban takes over, life becomes a desparate struggle against starvation, brutality and fear. But love is the cure of every ailment. A little love in people’s lives can make them overcome every obstacle and make them act with startling heroism. Do read this book to find out the fate of both the characters and get vivid abundance of emotions.
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