Art Directory India

Who We Are ?

Art Directory India is a key publication and digital platform for Art World. Keeping them informed and inspired, it’s for people who are individuals. Art directory, an initiative by an NGO, encourages & promotes talent and art in the country. We are a forum that disseminates information on the latest happenings and news in the world of art and culture through our website. We also display about the vital, daily news, developments from galleries, auction houses and museums.

ART DIRECTORY INDIA is an Intelligent, Beautiful & Informative digital platform for Art, Design & Photography.

With a vast national and international audience that always pushes boundaries. We look at the creative sector as an interdisciplinary whole; and as creatives, we draw our inspiration from a wide variety of sources.
Art Directory India readers will find features on Photography, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Film & Music. Through their cultural media  experienced journalists, comment on some of the most important themes in contemporary society today. The Art Directory India reader is engaged and thirsty for knowledge.
The Art Directory India reader is an influential tastemaker who is discerning and educated with significant spending power. Culture forms a part of their daily lives as well as keeping up-to-date with current affairs and trends. They are lively professionals that place an emphasis on high-quality design.

Along with this we report essentials about visual arts, architecture and design, performing arts, books, lifestyle, fashion, culture, travel and what not. We promote spirit of music in its authentic form. Without confining ourselves to boundaries, we believe in exploring and finding newer ways of using art as an instrument to initiate meaningful discourses. 


What we do

  • 1. Review exhibitions and performance art.
  • 2. Promote artist, experts and emerging talents.
  • 3. Artists are invited to send their profile for uploading it on site and promotion.
  • 4. Expert speak on what new and happening in the industry.
  • 5. Promote your brand or creative pursuit through our social media.
  • 6. Event listing.
  • 1. Curate events.
  • 2. Organize talks.
  • 3. Conduct workshops and exhibitions.
  • 4. Organize residencies and art tours.


Most frequent questions and answers

As the adage goes art knows no boundaries. We at ART DIRECTORY too welcome everyone whose creative juices are flowing. So, from visual artists to performing art and graphic artists, illustrators to photographers, we would love to hear from you.


We not only curate exhibitions, talent , event  but also art evenings, baithaks, art walks, seminars and also take up public art project assignments like mural paintings. Apart from this, we also create art brochures and work on art books. 

 Our social media strategy entails brand building for our clients in a way it represents the thoughts and the journey of the client. More than just the numbers, Art directory India  focuses on connecting the clients with the right audience and give direction towards brand building.


Artist Gallery

Abstract 76%
Decorative 80%
Digital 90%
Sculpture 75%

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