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Aesthetics From The Olden Times


The beauty from the gone eras comes with a different charm altogether, be it big puffed hair or long, winged eyeliner. Every makeup or hair trend is slowly making a comeback, we are embracing those trends with all our heart. Let’s recollect what went outdated and try reminiscing the beauty tactics of the artists in the olden times. Thick eyebrows, defined lips, big braided buns, long winged eyeliner and pink blushed cheeks, one cannot picture a woman from the old era without any of these features.
As time goes by, the fashion sense keeps on changing. From winged eyeliner to bright hued eyeshadow dominating the eyes, from dark defined lips to nude lip shade, from humongous buns to short wavy hair, everything varies from time to time. Actresses getting high recognition in the 90’s, like
Madhuri Dixit, helped popularizing the concept of long eyelashes, crème lipstick, black lined eyes. These minor changes actually made an impact worth remembering in Bollywood.
Now that we are of 2000s, our fashion senses are bound to be completely irrelevant to what it was in the old age, in fact, actresses these days actually prefer to have a face without makeup!
As we move further away from the 80s and 90s, it’s safe to say that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are impacting today’s makeup trends in a lot of ways. Today we are mostly about nude eyes and nude lips. The bright eye shadows are not a part of our makeup look now. But, we can definitely bring back what we had as our makeup trend, a little effort is all it takes.
Moving towards the hair trends, watching an actress in 70s and 80s music videos, one might notice, hair styles are all based on the song type. Funky braids in the disco songs,

long opened wavy hair in slow romantic songs, braided buns in the classical song. The elegance, the beauty mostly depends on how the hair style is done and how the makeup is applied according to the facial expression that will be given during the shooting.
In the movies in 80s and 90s, the actresses design their hair in different styles varying from scene to scene, they make sure that they mirror a normal woman in house and not give the actress a surreal image.
In the present era, the hairstyle most commonly kept is either straight hair or wavy hair. Where did the funky braids go? Where are the big fat buns?
Well, we might start having hairstyles and makeup trends which we never imagined of in the near future, but of course, the trends in the gone era are still immortal, and we all acknowledge that.

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