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All lives matter!

All lives matter!


Three years back, I welcomed a small stray dog in my house. It is now known as Tuffy. Since then Tuffy has become an important part of the family and is treated like a small child.
But are the other stray dogs lucky enough? Since the past few months, I have been reading several cases of mistreatment of animals. The Hindu featured an article which states that an angry butcher stabbed a stray dog to death in Goregaon, orphaning her six puppies. Are these animals our objects to express anger? Are they not living beings? The butcher was released on bail on a minimal fine of Rs. 100. What would have been the consequences if that butcher had killed another man in anger? Why are animals not treated as living beings?
It is high time that the Government needs to make the laws related to Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 stricter. We people need to realize that animals are not lifeless. All lives matter.
In early 2019, I had been to a relative’s wedding situated in a semi-urban area. While returning I saw a puppy lying on the road, its skull was smashed and covered with blood and all the vehicles were passing over it. Are we so selfish that we cannot give a few seconds for the innocent animals to cross the road? Do these people even feel guilty of murdering an animal?
I have been following the work of Animal Aid Unlimited, an NGO based in Udaipur which is a rescue centre for injured and ill-street animals. And it is so nerve-racking to see stray animals in such pain. In one such video, someone had tightly tied a metal string around a dog’s stomach leading to a deep cut in the dog’s belly. What is so pleasant in doing such things? How about tying a metal string around one’s own belly? Let one feel the same pleasure as that dog.
Recently, 90 dogs were found dead in Buldhana with muzzles and legs tied. Killing of stray dogs is illegal in India but no strict action is taken for the same. It is true that we look at animals as toys.
Would my Tuffy had been alive if I have had not adopted him? I doubt. Let’s pledge together to make this planet a better place for animals too. As quoted by Martin Buber, “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language”. Let’s make sure we listen to them.

Image Source: Help Animals India

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