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Am I Ugly?


I am fat, I look so ugly, My eyes are not pretty, My legs are not good. When we think negative for ourselves, unknowingly we are pushing ourselves towards a disease or disorder.

Cartoon of a self-employed woman sacking himself on the mirror
People keep looking themselves in the mirror and keep criticizing for their not so perfect body. By criticizing they think that they are showing concern for them. Just by criticizing yourself shows concern? No, in this whole scenario they develop negative body image.

Body image means thinking that your body is perfect or thinking that it is not.
More than 80% of women in the world think that they are fat and need to lose weight. On Instagram, I have seen that most of the people are not happy with their body shape. They want to look like a celebrity or a friend.

How to think positively for ourselves? See if you want to think positive for others first you need to apply it on you.

Sometimes this negative thinking develops among people when someone tells them that they don’t have a perfect body or they are fat and need to lose weight. Criticism from family or friend develops a negative body image. Because we all are bad in taking criticism, we always take criticism negatively.

When this sense of negativity increases it turns into a phycological disorder, Body dysmorphic disorder. Staring yourself in the mirror for hours, thinking too much about one body part and jealousy from celebrities or friend are symptoms of this disorder.
Why does this happen to people?
This disorder may be developed in someone because in their life they have experienced body shaming. Another reason is depression. Depression fills a person with negative emotions and thoughts about themselves.

Ways to come out from this thing?
First, you need to know yourself, accept the reality and fall in love with yourself first. It’s easy to trust me if you will try.
Trust yourself accept that two bodies can’t be the same. Everybody have some flaws in them there nothing a thing like perfect in this world.
Start staring yourself in the mirror, this time positively and appreciate every part of your body.
Thank god for how beautiful he made you. And stop criticizing yourself. Before comparing yourself from a celebrity or friend. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe and think twice ask this question are you fair enough that you are comparing yourself?

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Wear clothes which makes you feel comfortable and shows the real you. If you loved that forever21 dress in the store grab it and wear it don’t think too much about your curves.
Try to focus on being fit and not slim, eat healthily and appreciate yourself every day.

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