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An Honest Book Review


“ Bella .. I am having a date this morning and I will join you for lunch , take the shower quickly ,the hot water stops in an hour , the warden left a note remember ? …”Samy spoke as she started getting ready for her date.
The sound of Samy’s voice faded away and all she could hear was the sound of the paper trying to escape her wrist watch placed on it. Bella walked to the window and the wind blew away the only tear that stood on the verge of her Dry eyes.
“Bella… did you stay up all night again? I am telling you he will not call you unless he feels bored. It’s already late and I don’t want to start this all over again in the morning. Oops..!”
Samy’s phone rung . And Samy kissed Bella’s Forehead.And started Walking down the PG’s stairs.
“ Bella .. it’s Raj he will is waiting down, Have a coffee… and go to the lectures.Don’t you want to get that award this year too? And Baby your mom called talk to her, 1O’ clock ! cafeteria ! remember, bye! “
Bella called her mom.
“ Hello , Ma? “
“ Bella , Darling ! Is everything fine? Do you want to come home? It’s been a while since you came here Bella… the house feels empty … “
“ Ma ! Can I talk to you in the evening?
“Ok ! and don’t forget to fill the application form for Yale University, Isn’t it your dream university since grade 6?
“ Ma! I am fine , I ate my breakfast, I am oiling my hair now, I will talk to you in the evening, Ma ! , She hung up the phone.
Bella checked if Krish was online and checked her DMs and found “no new messages” even after refreshing it for the 8th time. She sighed and started swiping the instagram , A post read “The Secret – A book that changed my life” . Bella double tapped it .
Bella didn’t want to go her class in the middle of the lecture. She wanted to be quiet somewhere and she headed to the university’s library. There was a powercut and it was extremely quite in the library. In the middle of the silence as she strayed her hands on the books and walked aimlessly. All she could hear were voices of Krish inside her head .
“ No ! Bella I was caught in work. Bella I was busy. Bella are you free? Why are you not talking to me properly Bella , Scoring in the exams isn’t going to get you a future, true love will ! She’s just my colleague at the club Bella ! Should you wear that dress? ”
Bella stopped as her hands rested on “THE SECRET”, The book. She slipped it out and opened it. As she flipped the pages the power had come back and the fans started running. Dust flew everywhere and as she rubber her eyes. She could see Krish, through the gap in between the books. And when the visions got better , she could see krish there, but this time he wasn’t alone and his lips were pressed against a girl’s .
Bella stood there frozen. Her dry eyes, started pouring tears down her cheeks. She rushed from the library. Started running back to the PG. She couldn’t say a word out loud. She lay on her bed. All she did was fell in love with a boy, did everything for him to like her back. He promised he would marry her as soon as he got his placements. She saw a future with him. But now all she saw her life falling apart.
As she rolled over, the Book fell down from her sling Bag. She wiped her tears. Took her wrist watch that was gifted to her by her father , for winning the highest merit award for the 5th time in a row, and wore it. Took the application form and placed it on the Book and started filling it.
And she finished it and slipped it into the envelope. She wiped her tears and smiled at the Book , Of course ! the Book that changed her life.

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