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In this edition of ‘In the Hot Seat’ with Larry LeBlanc, he speaks with music industry heavy-hitter and publishing pariah Merck Mercuriadis about how he’s shaking up the music business with his publicly traded intellectual property acquisition vehicle Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited.


Guest post by Larry LeBlanc from Celebrity Access

In the Hot Seat with Larry LeBlanc: Merck Mercuriadis, Founder/CEO, Hipgnosis Songs Fund, and Hipgnosis Songs.

In the ultra-controlled global music publishing space, the name Merck Mercuriadis is just short of a profanity these days.

The reason?

A revolutionist and an industry bomb thrower, Mercuriadis seeks to eradicate the word ‘publishing’ from the music industry’s vocabulary. He also dismisses “publisher” as an innocuous and dated industry term that describes someone that collects revenue for songs but rarely adds value.

Mercuriadis is in the song management business, and as other major publishers will tell you off record, he’s flush with cash to acquire copyrights on the global market

Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited, the publicly-traded acquisition vehicle founded by Mercuriadis, is a Guernsey-registered investment company established to offer investors pure-play exposure to songs and associated musical intellectual property rights.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange, the Hipgnosis Songs Fund was launched on July 11th, 2018, with $23.75 million to acquire a 75% stake in music rights of the 300-plus song catalogue of Terius Nash, known professionally as The-Dream.

Its Initial Public Offering on the Specialist Fund Segment of the London Stock Exchange’s main market at the same time, the Hipgnosis Songs Fund raised approximately $252 million gross equity capital. Recently, it raised a further $260 million.

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