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I’ve always liked drawing, doodling, painting since I was a kid. It kind of gave me freedom to convey my emotions which I feel is important to me. I am personally an emotional person,always been one more than answering back I like to draw, doodle, paint but you need to give answers sometime lol.
There’s one thing everyone should know is art isn’t suppose to be a task or something it should come from within and there’s no certain way for art you just draw what you feel like as it conveys some kind of emotion according to me. Ofcourse if you want your painting to be perfect there are certain ways for which you need to practice and the clichéd slogan “practice practice! Till you achieve your goal.
Personally I never felt my painting/art needs to be perfect I just draw what I feel in no certain way or technique used.
Imagine spending your weekend in a Cafe drinking ale and painting on a canvas whatever you feel. Just let your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts out on canvas and it will give you some kind of calmness in the back of your mind. I hope you enjoyed reading my very first blog 🙂
Your recommendations are most welcomed.

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