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  • Price:   140000.00
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    30 X 39 In | 76 X 99 Cm

  • Artist Name:   Sudhir Pillai
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    Sudhir Pillai was born in Coorg, Karnataka, in 1953. He spent his childhood in Orissa, often in small idyllic towns. He never went to school. He studied at home, fervently reading up on everything he stumbled into. He painted, listened to music or spent the entire day outdoors discovering the magic world outside. His friends were the common people he met every day, in the many neighbourhoods and towns he lived in. His sensibilities were shaped by these experiences, without the rigid discipline of school. He began his career as a print journalist. But his natural inclination to do something more creative took him into the realm of designing. In 1990 he set up his own design studio. After a successful career as a graphics designer, he started painting full-time in late 2005. Sudhir paints in the realistic style, either in Oil or Acrylic, on canvas. He is fascinated by the common man on the street be it a rickshaw puller, groups at street corners, the mendicant singer, or the woman passing by. In his paintings he tries to capture the vignettes of real life in his own medium without any apparent embellishment. There is no attempt to impose an external structure, or to interpret the situation with any preconceived norms. It is the subject that is central; the canvas is only a medium for it to be presented. This simplicity of style is what defines his work, and, it is the spontaneous experiences of his early days, juxtaposed with the complexities of the metropolis that gives shape to his visuals today.