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Mamallapuram Dance Festival

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    Mamallapuram is actually a beach resort that portrays the richness of the Indian heritage and culture, especially to the tourists who come to India from different parts of the world, to gain knowledge about various culture and traditions. The Mamallapuram beach town is full of heritage buildings, caves, monolithic temples, sculptures. The Shore Temple in Mamallapuram resonates with the music and dance rhythms, during the dance festival.

    The classical dance and art forms of India are the main attraction of this festival.Organised by the Tamil Nadu government, department of tourism, the four-week long dance festivals attracts all other rising dancers, troupes, artists, and famous dance gurus here in the city. Over the years, the dance festival has become so popular it has evolved itself into a grand festival of the city. Here many dance forms like, Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, and Kathak dancers perform with great enthusiasm and love and passion for dance. Graceful dancers perform the majestic Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dances or enacting the romantic tales of Radha and Krishna through the delicate hand movements of the Manipuri dance form. Kathak – the dance form that was once under the patronage of the Nawabs of Avadh – competes with the stately bhangas (stance) of Odissi, while other Indian dances like MohiniAttam and the expressive Kathakali beckon you. What makes the festival even more interesting is that here you not only get to see the traditional Indian dances but also some rare folk dance forms like Karagam, Kavadi and Kokkali Attam. The brilliant confluence of international and Indian dance and Indian traditional music can be witnessed at the open-air auditorium at the dance festival in Mamallapuram.