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  • Price:   7500.00
  • Size:  

    24 * 30 inches

  • Artist Name:   Jagriti Wadhwa
  • Email Id:   subtlestrokes1234@gmail.com
  • Social Media links:   https://instagram.com/subtle_strokes?igshid=pnynhuala257
  • Biography:  

    I am a 20 years old young artist who is just stepping in this industry. I started making paintings for hobby purposes but now I want to move further. I specialize in paintings (Oil, acrylic , mix media) but i also now various mediums like pencil shading, charcoal, color pencil, glass marking, penart and soft pastel. I love making hyperealistic things. Do check out my Instagram page and I hope you like it. 😉🎀

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