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  • Price:   65000.00
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    60cm x 60cm

  • Artist Name:   Bodhi
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    As a child I always had an urge to explore the unknown to explore what is beyond and colors were the closest language or window through which it was possible to explore and express. For me being creative is a thrill and adventure of going into unknown and each of my painting carries the essence of bliss, harmony and silence.
    For me each of my painting in itself is the inspiration to get more and more creative, to reach beyond and for me completing a painting is like peak, a climax, an orgasmic experience.
    I use to be a prosthodontist which itself was an artistic approach to heal teeth. But now drived by passion I have healed myself through colors and each of my paintings is infused with healing power and message from beyond that one can explore and experience through the paintings.