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Online art scene gets auction packed

Its been not more than six months since Ashvita art gallery launched its online art and collectibles auction platform at Chennai. But says founder Ashvin E Rajagopalan, more clients have signed up than in the past 17 years that he has been in the business.



Serendipity arts festival '19

The largest outreach program organised by Serendipity Arts Foundation is happening in the last month of this year in the capital city of Goa, Panaji. The aim of this multi disciplinary festival is to support, promote and create platforms for innovation and creativity. To experience immersive art experiences by eminent and emerging artists, this festival offers a great time. The SAF encourages cultural exchange through performative and visual practices across the world.

Dates:  15 Dec’19 to 22 Dec’19

Register here:


World’s leading art fair Masterpiece London is just 2 days away . The unmissable event will commence this year on 27 June and end on 3 July’19. This astounding fair presents finest creations of art, design, furniture and jewellery of about 160 international exhibitors whose works are put on display for sale. The Masterpiece London provides unparalleled opportunity for collectors of art to discover and splurge on exceptional works. The fair has established itself as a hub of both modern and antique masterpieces of imagination. It not just offers cross cultural experience to relish art exhibition but also champagne tastings with Perrier Jouet. From panel discussions with world class institutions to informal stand talks with the artists this is a lifetime experience. Masterpiece London depicts London’s reputation at global level famous for its elegance and tradition.

Few tickets left, get your hand on them now :

Indian ART FAIR 2020

The tickets are available for the most extraordinarily brilliant Indian Art Fair which will be held in the year 2020 from 30th Jan to 02 Feb.

The Indian Art Fair reflects the country’s fast developing art scene and are offering curated insights into the cultural landscape of the neighboring states.

The fair’s programme draws together galleries, artists, art charities, national institutions cultural events and festivals.  It aims to enable both local and international audiences to engage in innovative ways with the cultural history and development of the South Asian region.

You don’t want to miss a fair which gives you a new perspective to look at art and makes you get lost in the exceptional artistry. 

Tickets and further details are available on

art india fair

India art fair 2019-the best art exploring the language of performance art.

The art fair this year explored the theme of performance art. The most iconic eye-catching art was potrayed by a New-York  based Israeli artist, Ghiora Aharoni. He created his art by merging the Hindu and Urdu scripts also he took a quote from King James bible. This priceless work of art containes his whole experience of India tour.

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