BEGUM is a dreamy, lo-fi experimental perverteer band from New Delhi, India specialising in 11th century seduction sounds. Their songs are written in short bursts of clairvoyance and habadasherry.
A three piece band, their sound is best described as experimental dream-pop. They also refer to their music as 11th century seduction sounds, while some refer to it as ‘post-modern’. Begum could very well be considered an offshoot sprouting from the Peter Cat Recording Co. – the bainchild of vocalist and guitarist Suryakant Sawhney – formed in 2013. We say, just listen to them, lose yourself in the swirls of your own imagination and draw your own conclusions. The band comprises Kshitij Dhyani, Karan Singh and Kartik Pillai. Hard to define, easy and almost dream-like listening. Not completely unlike other indie artists, Begum and their friends at PCRC pretty much take care of everything with their self-management. The album, the production, the distribution, the gigs, tours, and a mess of other necessities are done in-house. Performances at house parties and cross-country tours, all somehow managed by the band despite their apparent lethargy.



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