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India’s magnificent Museums’ are living repositories of its majestic historic past. There are many popular museums in India that unfold lots of unheard truth of a bygone era. Art Directory India has embarked on an ambitious project of conducting a survey of over 2000 people with a purpose of presenting to audiences a list of the top 5 art museums in India.
One of the largest repositories of the remnants of India’s ancient past, National Museum has various articles from the magnificent ancient era. It was constructed in 1949 on the corner of Janpath in the lively city of Delhi. One gets to know of the luxury coaches of trains, which were a long time back used by the great kings. It houses a variety of collections that include jewelry, paintings, decorative arts and manuscripts. One would be amused to find head of a Buddha statue, and Buddha Stupa having remnants of Gautam Buddha, constructed in 3rd century BCE by King Ashoka.

Indian Museum, one of the bustling tourist spots in Kolkata, established in 1814 by Asiatic society of Bengal in Kolkata, has a unique collection of armors, skeletons, Mughal paintings and ornaments. It possesses six sections containing five galleries of creative and scientific work of arts that is archaeology, geology, economic beauty and art. Being one of the oldest museums in the globe, it is one of the most sought after places of India that one must not give a miss on holidays in Kolkata.

Popularly known as Madras Museum, Government Museum is positioned in Egmore, which is among the busiest spots of Chennai.Established in 1851 the Museum exhibits different varieties pertaining to geology, zoology and anthropology and botany. The museum has excellent sections showcasing the main south Indian times encompassing, Chaulkyas, Chola and Vijaynagar. Moreover, one can have a glimpse at the different collection of books from yesteryear at the well -stocked library.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Museum Mumbai located in proximity to the Gateway of Mumbai was erected in the starting of the 20th century. It comprises of three main sections such as the archeology section, natural history section and art section. Each section shows a variety of work of arts dating back to Gupta and Chaulkyas era.

One of the most prestigious spaces in New Delhi , Art Culture Festival features a variety of modern and contemporary Indian art .Art culture Festival is also known for the best art advisors in Delhi. The gallery aims to promote an interdisciplinary approach to fine art, showcasing the emerging contemporary artists who document and reflect upon the current reality of modern society. Art culture festival is one the best art restorers in India. Located in the Defence colony, this three-floor gallery has housed exhibitions of established contemporary artists. It has stored best sculptures in Delhi. It promotes well-established and promising new artists and organizes a variety of art-related activities, ranging from online exhibitions to master classes, workshops, and education initiatives has a web portal also where you can promote, post, and coverage on the digital platform.

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