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It is a bitter truth that our way of living(lifestyle) is being influenced by western countries which mainly includes US, UK. Although fecund realization doesn’t lead us to such things, we don’t do that. That is the problem. If something is done in the US it’s been considered as a most superior thing and followed by us blindly without even knowing why they did that, in what way it will help us when we follow that? Starting from bra to jeans pant it all commenced there. US citizens wore jeans pant during their winter climate to protect them from extreme cold. But we Indians considered nothing and started wearing jeans pant in this hot country under the scorching sun. It’s utmost negligence. We consider it as fashion and think we lead a better lifestyle. Common sense is the key to sort this out. Thinking twice before doing a thing gives us a reason to perform that action and possibilities what could happen next… Lifestyle is not only influenced by the way we dress also the food we eat and the activities we do. In this automated world, activities by human lessen by course duration and food we eat also is chunks of junk food which will further worsen our immune system. It would be better if all took these under consideration and use their common sense to live a life.

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