Human mind is nothing but a beautiful mould of creativity.It just depends how an individual put itt out which an be of various forms.This is nothing but his Art.Art is nothing but a human activity which might e visual,auditory or performing articrafts[artworks].Art is the imaginative or technical skill of a human to express his creativity.


Art is like an OCEAN and we can just explain few drops of it. One of the oldest forms of artis VISUAL ARTS. 

VISUAL ARTS: It includes creation of images or objects like paintings , sculptures, printmaking , photography etc.Architecture is also a type of visual art.

Music , theatre , film , dance etc are also part of performing arts.

Art may also be characterized in terms of representation of reality  , narrative [storytelling] , expression or communication.ART is one of the most important part of our HISTORY and CULTURE.


Langar- Ek Sachha Sauda

“Jin Sayvi- aa tin paa-i-aa maan ( Those who served, obtained honor- got his acceptance)”  are the dawn time divine words you get to hear in long, narrow and steep lanes of Patna Saheb, reverberating and gracefully settling deep inside of you. More than routine and mightier than words, this is an honest attempt to the divine connection.

Much before the recitation starts and long before the sun comes into view when Jhingur’s  chirping is all your ear receive and the dim flickering light is all adding warmth to the scene, some other offerings are performed in unique ways behind the thin, high bluish walls, under the semi plastered ceiling. People, doing selfless services, talking in hushed tones, tap water running down fast, dishes being done, floors being moped, morning langar items being prepared and transferred to Langar Hall, as if everything happens here on its own, without any hindrance, without any confliction

The concept of Langar came into origin in the 16th century.  It was proposed to uphold the selfless idea of equality amongst the plethora of human civilization. In addition to the ideals of equality, the tradition of langar expresses and emphasizes the ethics of sharing, community, inclusiveness, and oneness.

Gurudrwara still believes in Nanak’s Sacha Sauda and operates accordingly. His glory and words of wisdom continue to inspire the folks. Even today, the amount of money spent in langar is never of concern. Followers donate huge amounts to Gurudwara to help in the upkeep and continue the langar service without hindrance. People, who have no one, who stays on street, are fed and blessed every day without any discrimination, with due respect and humanly affection.


In a lighter vein


Ashvin Gidwani’s ‘Two to Tango, Three to Jive’ is just like a box of chocolate, the moment you open it you just can’t resist it by having one piece. This is a restart for this production after a gap of about six months, starting off with Delhi this time, and we are glad we managed to catch it! Opening on Hank Williams’ ‘Hey, Good Lookin’, Saurabh Shukla enters and in his own inimitable style immediately owns …

Feministic Influence


Women – a concoctive subject Women have always been one of the most interesting subjects to portray through art in India, which has a rich artistic legacy from ancient times. Their intricate physical details, composition, emotive nature have given inspiration to various artists who love to convey them through the stroke of their brushes and try to bring out the depth of womanhood, their aspirations, mystical nature, vivacity, sensibilities and challenges they (women) face in different …

Cynosure by Sara Wadhwa

About Cynosure 

Cynosure is a word that means “a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration.”

When taken at face value, the word seems to describe whatever may capture one’s interest or fancy, such as the subject of a photograph or marvelous scenery.

When pronounced, however, it sounds like a fusion of the words cyan and azure. Cyan is a light, greenish-blue color, and is one of the primary colors of ink used in photo printing. Azure, a bright blue color like that of a cloudless sky, has a calming effect on the eyes and a relaxing touch on a frantic mind.

A juxtaposition of these two interpretations of the word cynosure, encapsulates the theme that guides this display, just like the pole star, which was once referred to as the cynosure of the sky.

All proceeds from the photo exhibition will go towards the Gujrati Samaj Educational Trust through UdayREP. The Uday Rural Education Program (UdayREP) is a charitable trust dedicated to improving the lives of school children in rural India by raising funds for specific causes that can make a significant positive difference

About the artist

Sara is a talented 17 year old photographer who is currently pursuing her education at Delhi Public School R.K. Puram. Her love for photography developed from the age of 8. she has been a member of the photography club, Digital Excellence for six years and is now the president of ‘Digex’. She has also had the opportunity of being the official videographer for the visit of His Holiness The Dalai Lama to the Lotus Temple.

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