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Body Shaming


Body shaming
We always find it hilarious to refer a person by his appearance and body type. We find it easy and “cool”. We even tend to make them uncomfortable in their own skin by our remarks. It’s always like , Do you know Justin? “That fat kid?” or hey Steve watch yourself before the “wind blows you off.
However, “okay” or “funny” it sounds. It isn’t!
There are two kinds of people in this scenario: one who is happy making all the comments and the other, on whom the comments are actually being made. Either of them don’t understand the mental state of the one another. Body shaming can mostly be observed in teenagers or younger section of the generation comparatively than the older generation. But we need to understand that body shaming any time is a horrible practice and can really affect and traumatise a person to a unintimated extent.
How does a perfect appealing body look like? A girl with a skinner waist, fair complexion, the right size of breasts or a boy with huge biceps, tall, styled hairs and what not. In the world of social media, movies, zero figure and the perfect body we have created our notion of the perfect body type. If you don’t fall into this category just because, you have an ounce or so of extra flesh on your body or you have stretch marks due to any physical changes you went through or you just have simple marks on your face, you are likely to get body shamed. People are always too thin, too fair, too fat, too tall, too short, too dark for the society.
A body-shamed person can go through so much mental trauma and stress. person experiencing such issues acquire low self-esteem. They can start to lose their identity and shut themselves up. These experiences can make a person hate himself and feel insecure. Often individuals go through eating disorders, insomnia, psychological issues to cope with all this stress. These experiences bring hesitation from within. It makes you question yourself. It makes you feel that you cannot be loved and accepted.
Judging a person on the basis of their appearance and the amount of extra meat and flesh on their bones can never be justified in any terms. Body shaming should never be tolerated. People should be accepted the way they are. WE should love the way we are created and be comfortable in our own skin. Every individual should love themselves, keeping aside all the insecurities and awkwardness and live their life to the fullest.
So, be the person who can make others look how beautiful they are and make them love themselves. With all the body positivity we can just make the world a much more better place to live.!!

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