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Every girl wants to look best on the day of her marriage, therefore, this blog of mine is dedicated to all those glamourous brides who are busy doing there marriage shopping!!!
let me help you all for the selection of the dress to wear!!
the most trending bridal suite which has recently become a norm for every bride is lehnga with frock style choli.
this trend of lehnga and frock style choli has become extremely famous that many big stars from different industries have worn this in their wedding!!!
so what are you waiting for? if you are in a dilemma of what to wear surely go for lehnga with frock style choli.
which color to wear???
I understand its the big day and soo every one gets nervous and confused
let me help by suggesting some evergreen colors which never fade out due to time or fashion.
1) Maroon
It is an Indian traditional bridal wear color which is mostly worn by most of the brides.
2) Red
Again red bridal wear is a tradition that is followed by every next bride but still, it looks new, beautiful and different on every bride
3) Orange
It can, of course, be orange but be careful while choosing because everyone cannot handle the orange color
4) Pink
Dusty pink and sorbet hues of pink would be a mind-blowing choice.
It would be something new and I love bridal wear of dusty pink color.
5) Blend of pink and red
Red itself is such a beautiful color but it becomes super pretty when it’s blended with pink it is one of the best color combinations.

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