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Story of Enlightenment

‘Buddha: A story of enlightenment’-is written by a mind-body pioneer Deepak Chopra. Chopra has written novels before, critics have not found fiction in his long suit. Deepak took the creative ideas to showcase Gautam Buddha journey from a first-person account, making it more comprehensive and understandable for the readers.

What is the book about?

As the title describes it, the book revolves around Gautam Buddha, and his search, and realization, for spiritual enlightenment. The book is written in first-person account which clearly shows which stages Buddha had gone through in search for enlightenment, his thoughts, feelings, and experiences throughout his life and awakening.
Even with such creative concept of writing the book was not up to the mark, certain traditional Buddhist scholars, teachers, and academics found the book offensive, mis-leading, and possibly even heretical
The book is a good read for spiritual and cultural readers. Exploring this topic is absolutely crucial for spirituality and religion to gain credibility in this modern world.

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