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Can you live your dream?


Can you live your dream?
“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, frightening or sometimes bizarre.
Is it always the dew drops amidst bliss or grief that sums up your dreams? Or is it the fear that slowly creeps in the middle of the night? Maybe it only the moments that just think about to grin? Or is it the desire that doesn’t let you sleep in this mediocre life? Probably dreams is something you find your goal in. Something that doesn’t let you to refrain from taking another step. Profoundly, people look around and find everyone alive a little more. Why don’t they see themselves happy? Why the world seems faster than them? They have a dream. They have a happier place to run towards. A lot of things pull them back into the pit. People get discouraged by the little atrocities they face in the real world. Maybe they heard, “You can’t do it, loser!” Some may have faced much more than the others which they can’t overcome from. At the end of the day which makes them buried in their procrastination.
Was that day or was that phase strong enough to disengage your entire life? Your past can’t determine your future. Sometimes a step back is taking a step forward. Walking backwards was not what you made for. Get out, do what you want to do. The world is waiting for you to explore. Find what you love. Dream of what you desire. Make a start, the first step can’t always be a leap. It’s not about only the long strides, baby steps count too. Believe in your dream. Start working on developing yourself. The biggest setbacks are faced in the very start. But remember, some people are so negative that they have say ‘NO’ 7 times before they say a ‘YES’. It’s never too late to take a step forward, towards your dream.
Sometimes you need to wash your old lives to have vision for a new one. Maybe you lost everything but that’s not the end. Every closed door leads to another path. Let everything be lost, but never lose hope. Through the journey, the only thing which keeps you going, which keeps your eyes focused on your goal is hope. You need to dream of the light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, dreams don’t see for a day or night. Seek no excuses, dreams come with everything but them. It’s not your dream if you tend to find excuses. Give it everything, anyhow. Be truthful, be it brutal. It was never said to be easy. For you or anybody next to you. Dreams don’t sole on excuses. Protect your dream from these malice. Value your time, your sacrifices, no matter they be materialistic. Sometimes there’s only one shot to that stairway to that dream. Run!
Leave no room for doubts in the hard times. Your future’s got your back. There may be a day you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Dread, despair, desperation are first ones to kick in this phase of your journey. But to see the light, you have to believe in it within your heart. Believe that it’s just the darkness before the beautiful dawn. Begin to believe in yourself. Envision yourself as you’re the only one who can do this!
Not going to lie but it will be hard, but you can live your dream!

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