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can’t wait to read this book

can’t wait to read this book


One Indian girl by Chetan Bhagat
If you like love stories than this is right book to read.This is a story of Radhika Mehta who is young, slim and quite fair but not that beautiful. She is flexible to move anywhere with her fiance. She comes to India for her marriage with Brijesh Gulati who works in the Facebook company in San Francisco. While trying to engage conversation with Brijesh,she is unexpectedly contacted by Debashish “Debu” Sen who is her ex-boyfriend .He suddenly arrives at the Resort in GOA where the marriage ceremony of Radhika was held.She is further shocked.It the flashback to 4 year ago,when Radhika began her job training at Goldman Sachs. One evening she was introduced to Debu through Avinash her batch mate from IIMA. They two started dating.Eventually starting a live in relationship .One year later,Radhika decides to plan a future more,when Radhika gets a bonus of 150,000 dollars for the previous year and tells Debu,he doesn’t reacts Radhika expected.And Debu dumped Radhika After that,facing depression, she opts for a move to Hong Kong,thereby cutting all ties with new York.

In Hong Kong GS office, she adapts well and even gets a big investment deal at Philippines. During her trips to luxury in Philippines,she gets to a luxury in Philippines,she gets to know her boss’s boss Neel Gupta who is 20 years older than her and find him very attractive. Radhika and Neel ends up sleeping together by the beatch. After about a year,Radhika comes to her senses when she doesn’t see a future with Neel. Thus,she leaves to London Goldman Sachs office after breaking up with Neel.

She finally agrees and decides to look through some profiles on She connects with Brijesh Gupta and said yes for a wedding,which makes her mother happy.And in her wedding, Neel decides to speak something very important to her in person.

Both her ex-boyfriends realised they want her and proposed a plan to get married leaving the Gulaties behind. To know about Radhika’s decision go ahead and read the book.

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