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Gems of classical dances

Gems of classical dances


Dance: a non- verbal way to portray some thoughts, ideas and culture without words. If words would be humans, it would choose dance to express the pathos and glee. Indian classical dance came out to be as one of the way to picture the diversity of India.
We, Art Directory India through a survey came out with some beautiful artists who through their dance have given life to thoughts.

Sonal Mansingh
Coming across Sonal Mansingh who in an expressive way talks through her Odissi and Bharatanatyam dance form, She was the youngest grantee of Padmabhushan and was also awarded padmavibhushan. Her work has been a constant motivation to many young souls and also has inspired many through hee workshops and seminars. It’s her talent which made her one of the ‘Navratan’ in prime minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

Pandit Birju Maharaj
Talking about the classical dancers and not mentioning Pandit Birju maharaj would make the conversation incomplete. The recipient of many national and international awards among it -padmabhushan and kalidassamman became his major highlights. May it be a field of Hindustani Classical Music or Cinema, he is an awardee of many prizes including Film fare award for his incredible choreography in ‘BajiraoMastani’. This shows how prominent figure he is, not just for the field of dance and music but also for cinema.

Rani Karnaa
Lived a life with her enormous talent, Rani Karnaa was one of the Kathak dancers who will always be remembered. Known for her aesthetic sensibilities, she not only used Tagore’s music but also his literature to polish her talent. She was the one who urged and made sure that Kathak would reach a level, everyone would remember.

Yamini Krishnamurthy
One of the gems of India who was born in Andhra Pradesh, she was known for her Bharatanatyam dance. She was one of the forces, who changed the direction of the wind in favour of classical dance forms. This Artist who is known for her enormous talent has received many awards including Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. This ‘Asthana Narthaki’ was a passionate dancer and had inspired many minds.

Shovana Narayana
Inspired by her Guru ‘panditbirjumaharaj’, she produced many works that has been known till date. She was the bird who made BirjuMaharaj’s dream fly and is known internationally. She fused Kathak with Western Dance form and tried to change the face of classical dance form. Her talent, skill and use of experiment made classical dance renowned.
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By – Komal Ahuja


Dance Event in Delhi ‘ Magical Steps’

Dance Event in Delhi ‘ Magical Steps’


Well, the wait for your heartiest show ‘Magical Steps season 8’ is over! We all can’t control our excitement, right? It indeed felt like big time. The show has always experienced an enormous love that you, the audience keep pouring in.
Words from host…
It feels delighted to host the show yet again. It’s always a new journey for everyone associated with the name. The show would be organizing 15 rounds of auditions in your nearby and far away cities. Go hit them up! Channelize the talent of your inner wanna-be dancer and give wings to your dreams. Tune in to our YouTube channel for knowing the further details. The show has got its recognition by the All India Dance Talent Association (AIIDTA)that assures the winners a bright future and big projects for the future.

A fiery twist that the show introduces this time is the amazing boy-girl combination for adding some fun in the game! The ever-so-talented jury has always been the highlight of the show with the very handsome Hritik Roshan, who is one of the finest dancers and also my all-time crush if that counts, and sizzling Madhuri Dixit, who always kills it with her nuance moves and great poise. However, the third one is going to be a surprise which will be revealed on the day of the first episode.

Live a dancer’s life!
Every dancer has dancing stars in his eyes and wishes to be able to cultivate their talent and shed the stigma attached to it in a biggish way. If you resonate with the ideas above, then Magical Steps is the ultimate platform for you. Come! Showcase your talent and grab a chance to inspire many. You might be just one step away from your breakthrough.

The USP of the show!
Being the host here, I’ve got a full insight into what it has to give to its dancers. Rhythm your feet on varied dance forms varying from contemporary to ballet fusion. It evolves you as a dancer in a drastic manner and instills a super sense of self that’s gonna make you stand out in the crowd. The prize money has got doubled this time and that makes it a huge total of 10 lakhs and a 5-year contract with Bosco-Caesar of extreme learning.
Summing it up with these words…
Stand high with your talent and up your chin
Coarse or smooth, your strength always takes you to the win
Put on your dancing shoes for the best
Ride to victory and put all your fears to rest!