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This blog post is the ultimate guide to wardrobe essentials for the coming winters.
1) Skinny Jeans- Jeans are eternal. These are the most essential and purposeful bottom wear for fall. When I say skinny jeans I emphasize skinny(clean or distressed). Straight or Flared jeans may be really chic but the loose fit may freeze your legs. Go for high waist ankle-length blue denim and wear them with black ankle length boots.
2) Turtle neck sweaters- The rolled neck knitted sweaters are the most voguish upper wear for winters that you could own. It adds 100+ points to your style by letting you create a personal style statement. Turtle necks gives off those chic vintage vibes. Best material for sweaters is cashmere wool which is really soft and insulating and by the way it makes you look rich so why not wear it in the form of mock turtleneck and snatch some wigs.
3) A Long Blazer- Blazers are very versatile. Pull it off by wearing a tee or turtle neck beneath it and pair it with sneakers or heels. Blazers can be worn to casual meetings as well as to work depending on how you style it. There are various types of blazers that ideally go with a simple tee and skinny jeans. For instance, a black blazer, a checkered gray blazer, boyfriend fit black or blue, slim fit charcoal blazer and elongated blazer(any color).
4) A Hoodie – DUH! This is the most obvious fall outfit. Style it with jeans or trousers and walk it with sneakers on. A good hoodie never goes out of style. If you want to sleep like a baby and wake up the next morning with no intentions to doll yourself up to college but still look pretty anyway prefer an oversized one and you would look like the cutest little beanie.
5) Track pants- You can wear it to college or to a sleepover. Irrespective of where you wear it to track pants are the comfiest set of clothes you would carry this fall.
6) A Denim Jacket- Denim is always a good idea. This would give you the coolest look ever. How to style it you ask? Get a tee, a jeans and put a blue denim jacket on. Ta-da! there you are all casual and carefree.
7) Ankle Boots- If you utilize your ankle booties properly you can be the most stylish out there. They can suit a range of outfits. They can be worn with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, etc. These are perfect for fall if you like walking around.Get a block heel to feel comfortable and laced up ankle booties to add personality to your outfit.
8) A velvet mock neck bodycon dress- Fall isn’t only about pants, sweatshirts or trousers.You can definitely envision yourself in a dress. Velvet is a warm material.Therefore, a dress made out of it will be pretty warm too. The dress should be below the knee(exactly how Kim K wears it) or you would need a pair of knee high boots. You can style it with an elongated trench coat also.
That is it for the guide to fall apparels.
happy fall y’all!

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