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College Life!


Its been one year since I have entered college and now I don’t cry about leaving school and growing up. School life, my most prized possession is now safe in my sub-conscious mind. I have made peace with my college and the metro rides. Now i don’t miss my stations and can sleep with ease in the metro. I don’t fuss about huge syllabus, careless professors and short deadlines anymore. Procrastination being a constant friend, I still manage to submit my assignments on time. Living on coffee and chocolate, I have made peace with life itself. College is a beautiful and learning phase. It is a roller coaster ride. Therefore it will have its ups and downs. Face it with chin high and never stop yourself from giving it a try. Don’t shy away and make it count (in your CV) 🙂 Make great and true friends who last longer than your deodorant.
Lastly, stay happy! This phase may never come back like your school life.

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