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Dance and Music


Dance and Music are two incredible performing arts which behave fractionally without each other. To think of Dance and Music as each other’s betterhalf, seems to be actual representation of them. Sounds uncoordinated, right? But yes, the relationship is immortal since it’s birth in which Music portray itself as a patriarchal husband and Dance as its spouse. Dance moves cherishly on the rhythms of music . It is in the love of music. Together, they showcase their eternal bond to the Onlookers and beautifies the platform.
Music and Dance, both are in beaucoup. But the category of dance depends upon the rhythms of music. For example, Punjabi songs take Bhangra Dance form, Sad songs usually take Contemporary Dance form, etc. The weaker relationship of dance and music, the weaker will be performance. These art forms show numerous relationships with each other like twining siblings, eternal friends or couples, patriarchal spouses(as mentioned above), etc.

Dance seems to be colourless without music. Dance represents a basic pencil drawing, on the other hand, music represents beautiful colours in that drawing. Their relationship is very profound and go hand in hand. Dance can not leave the hands of music in any situation.

Following the progression of different countries, every country has its own cultural or traditional music with its dance form. Their togetherness has been scribbled in the history and still living lovingly today holding each other’s hand. They are like Romeo and Juliet whose love story is known to humankind. A few representatives of traditional dance with its music are:- Bihu dance in Assam, presented by Assamese women and men wearing their regional dresses with basic instrumental music like Dhol, Pepa, Baahi and Gagana ; Dandiya Raas in Gujarat, dance with colorful sticks which represents a fight between a Hindu goddess Durga and a demon Mahishasur with local music and instruments like Siddhi Dhamal, Hudo, etc. These innumerable relationships of dance and music display the introductory part of their journey. It runs on here and now with fashion.

One can not rejoice dancing without music. He will look like a caricature. But music has so much spiritual power in it that one can not sit still and start moving in his way after listening music. The combo of both can detoxify the human body and mind. It brings inner stillness and warm fuzzies which will transform you into a energetic version of yourself. It is proven by scientists that even a fetus in a mother’s womb can react to the music outside.

Together, dance and music serve a cooked food in which music represents its ingredient and dance represents a natural product of music. It is very crucial for a dancer to have a knowledge of music. Independently, dance is not much eye catching. Music takes control over a dancer’s mind and then, dance takes control over a dancer’s body. This, in turn is becoming a stalwart relationship.

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