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Dance of Different Types


Blog 1: Dance Of Different Types.
By Divya Chopra

Dance a word which when strikes your ear drum brings you a flood of emotions like excitement, fun, enjoyment, thrill, sensation and what not. Technically speaking there are various different types of dance like Contemporary, Belly,Ballet, Jazz,Tap,Hip-hop, Ballroom,Kathak, Bharatnatyam,Break dance, Salsa,Tango, Swing,Aerial………… the list is never ending. These forms may seem different in the sense of their way of presentation, their origin, their moves and techniques, their ethics but all of them carries the same spirituality and purity of freedom that dance gives to an individual.

Dance is the language of our soul and we communicate this language through our body moves. Just like we call ‘Father’ in English; ‘Pita’ in Hindi; ‘Pitri’ in Sanskrit; ‘Padre’ in Spanish; ‘Abbu’ in Urdu, but all of them make us picturize the same one Man in our lives whom all of us love and respect in the very same way ,no matter what we call him. Much in the same way Dance of different kinds, originating from different culture, different countries and with different morals , all of them gives the same wings to our soul , to our heart and to our thoughts.

If we take an insight into this sea containing different dancing waves we would discover that our every action, every movement, every gesture harmonized with beats becomes a step and the mixture of these steps become what we call DANCE. For instance, if our sweeping of the topmost rack of our bookshelf is accompanied with a little musical mix, it becomes the #Handsupintheair step; and if our action of washing dishes is given a tangy flavour of beats it becomes the famous #ChikChikBoomFire DJ step and last but not the least our simple walk when given a tuning touch becomes what we call ‘Moon Walk’.

Though ‘Dance is One’ just like ‘God is One’ but different types of dance unfolds a wide world of whirl and twirl to explore, with the great variety of different ideas, different morals, different beliefs, different thought processes, different abilities, different learnings and with so much differences realising the sense of togetherness.

Drawing to the closing lines:
‘Dance to express not to impress
Feel it’s difference but live it’s togetherness’


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