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Dance to the beats

Dance to the beats


As we all have heard, dance is the ultimate language. No matter our age, everyone has a dancer inside us. Some dance in public and some in their private space. But we all love to dance. We are the generation who cannot stop shaking their feet on the beats. When it comes to dance, we all some great memories related to this. This article to all those dancers who are still pursuing it as their career, or left it to pursure their other career or due to any other reason, to remind you that you can get out of dance but dance cannot get out of you. No matter how much we are stuck in our lives but dance for some minutes always relieves our stress. All of us lie that we cannot dance or we don’t like dance, but their isn’t even one of us who cannot stop their feet or arms when our favourite song comes on.
Dance has many forms. It can be bollywood, belly dance, banghra, western hip hop or our cultural dance. Dance gives us confidence and helps us to lose the stage fear. It gives us cheerfulness and brings happiness to the soul. It is great stress buster so we should have a routine of dancing for minutes to get relieved of the regular stress and can help us to stay in shape. Shoutout to every dance in each one od us, let’s take it out and dance to the beats like no one’s watching.

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