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Do we need to DIE?


“The “circle of life” allows a person to make room for the next generation while also sharing a lifetime of wisdom and wealth.” said by Moses Bean.
As will many biologists, great scientists, and pundits will debate that death is a natural slow aging process; some say that we are genetically engineered to die after a certain amount of time. There are a lot burning issues around the world and among them is also population conrol. Many countries around the world have made it mandatory to not have more than two kids while some governments have used special stategies like bearing the cost of child education if there is one child and so on. A country is made by it’s population. And as economy has coined individuals into categories like assets and liabilities, it has been clear which section of the community contributes to the upliftment and which just seats and eat. However blunt it may seem, it is necessary to think and comprehend how a society works. Humans, in their natural life process has a motive to create it’s offspring and make it able-enough to create more of it’s own. Some say that people need to die in order to make place for the coming generation and in process leave teachings and ways of life for them to inherit. With global warming and climate change, it has become necessary to control population growth and make new space for generations to come. A state in USA has to create more space for graveyards, as the whole state had run out of cemetaries. Which suggests one thing… the demand and supply of humans have been not controlled enough. One of the dynamic ares of biology is the study of aging. Many has researched and expiremented to create life from nothing as well as sustain the same more than it’s stipulated time period. The fact that it’s always been a mystery among the scientists, the idea of death is inevitable and may be well put in the circle of life for more to generate. Scientists also say that we are under the command of our genes. It’s because of them that we exist. It’s their way to create more organisms from one and that the natural aging process is a characteristics of our gene. Eventually they are the one’s because of whom we are living and will also die. So to conclude, it may be said that there will always be two side to the coin. In one hand they are struggling to keep one being alive even after extreme aging, and on the other hand they are struggling with creating new life. Their will always be things science can’t comprehend and things that are arbitrary to human mind; as our quest and hunger for explanations wont end!
An article by Birat Roy Choudhury (8598068608)

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