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Doppelgangers: Your Body Double

Doppelgangers: Your Body Double


Ever heard someone say that there are at least seven other people on earth that look like you? This hasn’t exactly been proved scientifically. However, there have been many instances where there has been at least one pair of individuals who look so much alike, but aren’t related at all. A lot of celebrities have managed to find their twin counterparts. This shows that if not seven, there is at least one other person who looks like you, maybe male or female.
This kind of twin, where you may not even know the other exists, has a name. The term “doppelgänger” is of German origin, meaning “double-goer”. This word actually implies something very ominous and just plain creepy. This word, in current society, is often used to label two individuals that are not biologically related in any way and yet look eerily similar. This was not always the case in earlier times. Seeing your body double, or the body double of someone who you knew, was considered to be a very bad omen and was quite often the precedent to either death or just some really bad luck. Doppelgangers(the anglicized spelling of doppelgänger) refers to a spirit or a wraith-like apparition that is the duplicate of an individual and has no shadows and neither do they have any reflection on the surface of the water. These “evil twins” were often said to try and plant sinister ideas into the minds of the person that they were shadowing. As a result, people were advised to not interact with their doppelgangers in any condition. Seeing your very own doppelganger meant that you were to die pretty soon after and if you happened to see the doppelganger of someone you knew, meant that something bad was sure to follow.
Perhaps one of the most famous case or situation of doppelgangers would that of Abraham Lincoln. According to the words of Abraham Lincoln, soon after his election in 1860, he across a time when upon looking at himself in the mirror of his bureau, he saw another face next to his own reflected at him. This other face looked just like his own, just with a much paler complexion. He attempted to show this apparition to his wife Mary Todd, who was unable to see it since the face appeared to Abraham Lincoln two more times while his wife was not present. Though she did not see it, she took it as an omen signifying that even though Abraham Lincoln may be able to serve his first term, he may not be able to complete serving his second term. On August 15, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, 42 days into his second term. Even though the account may be false, the entire situation seems a bit too creepy to not speculate.
Additionally, during the year 1860, artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti created a painting titled “How they met themselves”. This watercolour painting depicts a young couple walking in the woods that come across their doubles, albeit slightly glowing. The young girl of the prior couple is shown collapsing at the sight and the boy with his sword drawn against the body doubles.
The presence of doppelgangers exists not only in German mythology but also in the mythology of so many other cultures, which speak of the spirit doubles, often an evil double. Some also say that a doppelganger is just you but from a parallel universe. What do you think? Hopefully, when one comes across their body double in current real life, it doesn’t carry any bad vibes along with it and just happens to be another normal person who happens to look similar. The presence of doppelgangers hasn’t been proved right in any way and some scientists just believe that’s it’s the mind playing its normal tricks. However, the mere idea of doppelgangers has managed to instill fear in the hearts of many.

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