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What is e-cigarette?
An e-cigarette short for electronic cigarette is a vaporizer powered by battery that stimulates smoking. It can behave as a normal cigarette without the burning of tobacco. They can be activated by either taking a puff or by switching the button provided in some of the devices. The usage of e-cigarette is called as vaping and the person doing this is called vaper. These vaping devices contain of liquids referred to as e liquids that are burned in order to create smoke and give the illusion of cigarette. These liquids often contain propylene glycol, glycerine, nicotine or flavours, additives etc. Inhaling these liquids can create the delusion of actual smoking and can be useful to quit smoking tradition nal cigarettes.

How did it come into market?
The electronic vaporizer first was introduced for medicinal purposes but was not given patent. Later A Chinese pharmacist obtained patent for a non-tobacco smokeless cigarette by reducing its size to compact. But his intention was to help people quit smoking by combusting nicotine containing liquid. This device was then introduced to Chinese domestic market. After evolving according to the users demands this e cigarette became popular. Seeing the exponentially growing market potential in this device many traders started expanding their business here. Since, getting more recognition through social media soon vaping companies started expanding in every corner and e-cigarettes started getting recognition.

Is e-cigarette harmful?
The harmful effect of e-cigarette on body are still disputable. The vapor from e-cigarette contains fine and ultrafine particles of particulate matter. It contains tiny amounts of heavy metals and metals nanoparticles, toxicants and differ in composition across manufacturers depending upon various factors. The smoke from e-cigarette produces lesser toxicants than that from combusting tobacco. Smoke on combusting nicotine can make children addictive and lead them to smoking. Active or passive smoking of e-cigarette can lead do certain ailments.

Why and where are e-cigarettes banned?
Since e-cigarettes where used with the intention of helping people quit smoking, but larger section of people, consuming e cigarettes have started getting addicted to them. The usage of these products has exponentially increased in many countries due to their attractive appearances and multiple flavours. Hence, to protect the youth, children and more vulnerable sections of the society from getting addicted to these devices the government in many places have decided to ban the usage, consumption, manufacturing of e-cigarettes anymore.
Various countries such as Brazil, Singapore, Uruguay, the Seychelles, Canada and India etc have totally banned the usage of e-cigarettes and termed them as illegal with huge fine upon disobeying.
So, e-cigarettes were experimental devices turned fatal for human usage. Eliminating them from your usage can prove best for self-health and for the people in your surrounding including your loved ones.

BY- Mansi Mishra

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