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Film(Reel Version of a Real wolrd )

Film(Reel Version of a Real wolrd )


Light , Camera , Action :-

Film is a combination of Comedy , Love , Action , Tragedy , Revenge and many more .It’s a virtual version of real world because for 3 hours only seat it ,takes us to an imaginary world , which is away from our tensions and problems.
India is the only place where we find movies in every language like Hindi , Punjabi , gujrati , Telgu , Malyalam , Marathi , Bhojpuri etc, People not only love to watch movies of their mother tounge but also of different language it’s due to diverse group of people living in India ,which gives choice to every language to come up.

Past Charming :-

The era of movies started in 1890.The movies were very long ,At that time outdoor shooting was not use to take place .The movies were made on sets only,
The era of Indian movies started with “Black & white ” film .Some of the famous movies were “Sholay” , “Phool aur Kantey ” .The technology was not so updated ,So they have to wait for the favourable season to shoot.

Present Scenario:-

In the 21st century so many things are changed ,Now the actors complete their projects or movies in just 1 month ,That earlier used to take about a whole year to complete .There are many movies based on the true and inspiring event like the movies “Manikarnika ‘” , Marrykom , Dangal etc.So in the end I want conclude that people may come and go ,But the series of movies never end ….

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