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How many of you have visited the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi or any art gallery anywhere? If you have been to one, that’s great but if you haven’t, then you are surely missing out on a rich experience of human life. The Internet gives the option of viewing an art gallery online, but making the plan, moving out of your den, and spending time there looking at the artworks is what matters.

Art is anything that soothes your visual sense, something that expresses an imagination, emotion or experience. Art includes paintings, sculptures, and architecture. ‘Art’ has been differentiated from ‘performing arts’; music, theatre, film, and dance fall into the latter.

Although the blog starts with a confining question, art isn’t confined. It isn’t only available in art galleries. Nature is divine art. You look at a tree, a grasshopper, an ant, a flower, another human being or, not to brag, if you closely look at yourself too, anything that’s made by nature, if you are just capable enough to look closely, you will experience beauty in its full blossom. But if you can’t look closely and you need some help to appreciate different forms of beauty that there are, then you can visit an art gallery and experience what the artists did and feel all that they attempted to bring out on the canvas.

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