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Finest Art shows Worldwide

Finest Art shows Worldwide


There are more than 260 art fairs that takes place. But, not all are capable of maintaining higher standards.
Art fairs can go on for several days where gallery owners rent space to showcase their arts. Here we’re going to mention top 5 finest Art shows on global level.

Master of all Art shows, Art Basel is estabilished in 1970 in Switzerland by local gallery owners. Every year, Artists around the globe meet to showcase their artwork during the month of June and it takes place for approximately 5 days. A large variety of art, including paintings, sculptures, photography, digital art, video art, and installations are displayed in this gallery.
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Estabilished in 2003, this fare is among those few fairs who focus only on contemporary art and living artists.
This art fair is held in London and New York, featuring about 170 galleries anually in the month of October.
In addition to the 2 new fairs introduces in 2014 by this fair namely Frieze New York and Frieze Masters, this year it is going to launch another new event which is called Frieze Los Angeles.
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More than 260 galleries from about 20 countries takes part in this fair at TEFAF Maastricht. It was founded in 1988 in Netherlands.It is held twice in a year holding an overall value of $US 1.4 billion. TEFAF New York Spring displays modern and contemporary art and design, while TEFAF New York Fall showcases fine and decorative art from antiquity through 1920.
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Estabilished in 2008, this is the leading platform to discover modern and contemporary art from South Asia and also displays region’s cultural landscape. It is earlier known as India Art Summit.
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As the name suggests, origin of UAE, often abbreviated as “world’s most globally diverse art fair”. It has one of Asia’s leading art fairs since 2007. It features art from galleries all over the world, and is celebrated for its dedication to work by Middle Eastern and North African artists.
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