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Fixed-wing airplane


At first glance,this blog is all about building my first fixed-wing airplane.Firstly the material with which the body of the airplane was chosen. Depron was chosen for it’s light weight and easy formability. The design incorporated was inspired by few videos.So the design layout was embossed depron and accordingly the parts of the plane viz. fuselage,tail,wings,nose,etc. were made from scrap.Next the assembly of parts was done using glue gun.Iron rods were used for control surfaces and selective electronics were chosen for the given weight of the airplane like rating of the motor.Dihedral angle was introduced for better stability.And high wing for the pilot to manoeuvre easily.Lastly the transmitter of the remote and receiver in the plane are binded using binding key and the fixed wing aircraft is thrown by hand as a part of launch.Further the airplane cruises through the air..

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