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Your freckled face. Your plumpy nose. Your blemishes,your pencil thin legs, your big feet. Your stretch marks. Your cellulites. We all have them i.e flaws. or shoild I say “flawsome”. What exactly is a flawsome? It defines an individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome regardless. We all see them as a damage just ike an abnormality, trying to secrete behind them, concealing them over with makeup and high collars. We do criticise them, wishing they would go away, believing that if we didn’t have them anymore, we’d be flawless, and then we could be elated. But what really flaws are? An easy response to that is, anything that is different from other’s perspective is a flaw to you. But that’s not how it is. We all are living in a world where we care what others think about us and have completely forgotten, how to love ourselves. We all see models possibly everywhere. Why don’t we see normal people showcasing or advertising anything? Because it has been accepted since ages that only a beautiful face and beautiful body can sell products but not the normal people? Then in this case who do we call abnormal. We all get attracted towards pretty models and their so called perfect bodies. But who really models are? They are nothing but more than impaired humans experiencing evolution for a magazine to make you believe there’s some merits of beauty but trust me, they have flaws, too. You all must be wondering that how am I aware of it? Because it’s the flaws that make you so pretty and the most prominent ones always have something which makes them look different. What society considers is delightful characteristics and remarkable highlights are simply imperfections that models chose not to cover up, or all the more vitally, what some picture taker really comprehended as the most excellent piece of them and savored it. Those famous models are prominent for an objective, and I know that not because I follow them but I still know their names because they have done possibly something really remarkable. I remember them because I see that charm In the bizarre displays of photos upon photos thrown into the masses. I can see what the photographer who took a risk on them saw: their flaws and how they made them wonderful. It’s the moment that we stop obstructing behind our flaws, wrapping our joy in them, expecting that if we didn’t have them that would improve us and make us look more quintessential. If you didn’t have those imperfections, who would you be. Only an artificially glamourised show who isn’t even genuine. A hoax person with nothing interesting, nothing endearing, nothing that’s just you. Your imperfections are your identity, and the more you conceal them away, the more you shroud yourself against the world. Your blemishes are what makes you the individual youare. The sooner you begin understanding that your blemishes are what makes you wonderful, the sooner we can quit calling them imperfections. Life isn’t great. It never has been and it never will be. In any case it can be an uplifting news. It implies we can stop chasing the mystical, consummate life. It means we can stop tracing idol skin, an idol job, an idol house, or an idol spouse. It implies we can discover flexibility to live inside our blemishes. Even though if we girls wants to contour our cheeks or if we want to conceal our dark circles there’s nothing wrong in that.
Ever felt like something just doesn’t belong? The world can occasionally make us feel out of place in our own lives, but sometimes being the odd one out brings more joy than you may think. We aren’t doing it for anyone but for ourselves. Much the same as garments, cosmetics enables us to outwardly express our identity and temperaments. Cosmetics has the ability to change a face, and let the entire world know your identity. How stunning is that! There’s no supernatural lipstick that can instantly turn you from an uncertain young lady into a confident lady. Its your own positivie thinking and persective which will embrace you to be a better being.

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