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Art has the potential to engage the soul and display emotions that can’t be said or written. India , since time immemorial has been the heartland of  brilliant artists and art forms. In modern times, there are some art galleries in India which preserve the old age art creations as well as provide a platform to upcoming artists to showcase their talent and also promote the importance of art in India. Below is a list of the 5 best Galleries in India for the hidden artist in you ….


    The Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata established in 1933 is one of the most significant art galleries in India. Various famous paintings by eminent Indian and foreign artists are displayed here. Some of the famous paintings include ‘Girl with a pitcher’ and ‘A Winter’s Evening’ by Rabindra Nath Tagore. Works of artists like Jamini Roy, Nandalal Bose, M.F.Hussain, etc, are also showcased at the academy.


      Jehangir Art Gallery , established in 1952  is owned by a private organization and has paintings of almost all famous Indian artists from Jamini Roy to Arpita Singh. Artists from India and abroad line up to get their work exhibited at this gallery. It is a must visit for art lovers as you will get to see some of the finest art creations of the world at this gallery.


      A newcomer in the world of art galleries in India, the National Gallery of Modern Art was inaugurated in 2009 in Bangalore. Currently, the art gallery houses more than 500 paintings from both traditional and modern genres. Paintings on display are works of honourable artists like Raja Ravi Varma, Amrita Sher-Gil, Jamini Roy, etc. The paintings are sorted and displayed according to time periods, artists and school of art.



      Since its inception, the National Museum in New Delhi  is unbeatable when it comes to the collection of art paintings. The art gallery here features the biggest collection of miniature paintings in the country. Paintings by modern artists along with Mughal, Deccan, Rajasthan, Sikh and Kashmiri artists are showcased here. The artworks here range from the time periods of 10th to 20th century.


      One of the most prestigious spaces in New Delhi , Art Culture Festival features a variety of modern and contemporary Indian art .Art culture Festival is  also known for the best art advisors in Delhi. The gallery aims to promote an interdisciplinary approach to fine art, showcasing the emerging contemporary artists who document and reflect upon the current reality of modern society. Art culture festival is one the best art restorers in India. Located in the Defence colony, this three-floor gallery has housed exhibitions of established contemporary artists . It has stored best sculptures in Delhi. It promotes well-established and promising new artists and organizes a variety of art-related activities, ranging from online exhibitions to master classes, workshops, and education initiatives has a web portal also where you can promote, post, and  coverage on the digital platform

      If you are an admirer of art then these 11 art galleries should definitely be your must visit places.

      Starting right off with names along with the places to which they belong the art gallery which tops our list is “Academy of fine arts, Kolkata” then comes “the government Museum and Art gallery, Chandigarh”, “Government museum, Chennai”, “Indian Museum, Kolkata”, “Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai”, “National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore”, “National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi”, “National Museum, New Delhi”, “Victoria Memorial, Kolkata”, “Akriti Art gallery”, “Gallery Kolkata”.


      Art galleries provide the perfect background to esteem, admire and appreciate works of arts by great artists. With opulent appearance, Art Houz located in Chennai is a center of depicting contemporary art. The gallery was founded in 2012, by Vincent Adaikalraj is one of the leading art galleries in South India. Amazing works by B.O. Shailesh, C Douglas, Ganesh Selvaraj and Harish Ojha among others are displayed here. It is said that this gallery is a well- planned piece of architecture besides the artwork and a piece of art itself.

      Art Houz is a luxurious heaven for art lovers and the main aim is to expand the horizons of the art. This leading gallery focuses on young emerging talented artists and promote dialogue through art.

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