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Performing art is a complete contrast of visual arts when it comes to keep your Audience engaged as in the later the human senses immediately spraks up together for an instant reaction.
So, here are a few tips to keep your audience hooked to you:-

1. If you are an voice artist(singer) cum budding Youtuber, you should always try to add your own flavour to the original versions. This could be:-

(a). Changes in lyrics.
(b). Changes in the background music.
(c). Fusion of different languages or songs.

2. If you are a storyteller, master the art of delivery. Be original and create your own style to deliver your work.

(a). Work upon your voice modulation.
(b). Blend in emotions in your peice.
(c). Do play with words but in a simple language.

3. If you are a blogger, try to be authentic in your field. This will make your audience believe in you.

(a). Keep your content in ease.
(b). Your content should be reachable to almost every section of your audience.
(c). frequent updates can make your content reach higher.

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