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Gym workout clothes are the new cool?


This year, 65% of the people took the new year resolution to stay fit and remain in shape. The idea and need for fitness and a healthy lifestyle are clearly visible but sometimes the clothes become a barrier and demotivate instead of motivating. To make exercise a priority what we need is fitness apparel that gives us all the motivation we need.

We have already seen these activewear styles with celebrities making the heads turn pre and post workout. These clothes have become a style statement for many of the Bollywood divas. They have been making waves with their cool and upbeat gym and workout clothes. Kareena Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Jahnvi Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Kangana Ranaut and many more who know how to rock even in gym attires with no compromise in comfortability.

Wearing the right comfortable work out clothes can help stay comfortable and cool during exercise. This is because using fabrics like rubber based or plastic-based materials can keep sweat from evaporating and keep body temperature too high during a workout. This can result in tiredness, exhaustion, and soreness. Today, there are many breathable synthetic fabrics available that ‘wick’ the sweat away from the skin and keep the body cool. Apart from that cotton outfits feel heavy and wet as you exercise as they absorb sweat.

Therefore, choosing the right gym workout clothes is essential. They should fit the body and workout planned. You should wear clothes that are loose or comfortable, but wearing them during running or biking can be bad decisions they could get tangled up in in the pedals or your feet. Also, apparel should go hand in hand with seasons.

For women, high waisted compression leggings, short sleeve crew, a sports bra can be worn and for men, workout shorts and tees are easily available. These clothes can be bought at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or style. For the latest trends on Fashion, visit our website

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