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Harry Potter— A Timeless Tale


A writer’s biggest fear and weakness is the word constraint. I share the similar woe, as it is difficult rather impossible to appreciate and analyse this enduring epic in just one blog. Regardless, I will try my best to point out the noteworthy distinctions of the series which have made the series so acknowledged worldwide.

The author of the series is J.K Rowling, a woman of a creative and witty mind. She has created a world beyond the ordinary, a world full of magic and wonder. On the surface level, it appears to be a tale of wizard on an adventure in the magical world. On closer examination, it is found to be about so much more, inner fears, love and above all friendship. I will try to make this book review/appreciation post as much spoiler free as I can.

The best part about the Harry Potter series is that it doesn’t just give you a glimpse of the magic world of wizards, it makes you live and experience it through words. At the same time it teaches us to not dwell in an imaginary world because even magic can’t solve the real life problems a person faces. Harry Potter’s central theme is love and friendship. Everything which happens is triggered by love, the lack of love makes Voldemort do evil things and the power of love helps Harry overcome his inner fears and gather courage to fight that evil.

Rowling managed to create a magical world that is in a lot of ways a mirror of our world and that is why so many people can relate to the series in some way, making people feel a connection to a fantasy is a hard balance but she aced it. The wizards don’t live in a far away fairlyland, they live on the same planet as us but use magic to hide themselves. The realism of location is easy to connect with.

It is a misconception that Harry Potter is just for children. It is for all ages and it is therefore timeless in regard with it’s relevance and audience. An average adult would be able to relate to the series in the same way a teenager would. Magic doesn’t mean corruption, treachery and misery will vanish. These evils will prevail in any society. Social differences exist in this world of wizards as well. Differences based on blood status and wealth are evident. The “well-off” wizards have slave servants while the middle class wizards have to make ends meet in order to sustain.

The series bring out a very important and untouched aspect of villainy. What compels one to become a “villain”? What drives a person to do evil things? No person is inherently evil. The book explains that your moral alignment is determined by many factors around you. It can be upbringing, friends and the environment in which one grows up. When one doesn’t know what is sympathy or love because they’ve never experienced it then it is unfair to expect them to show love and sympathy. All the villains in the series are villains for a reason, whether the reason is morally justified is left to the discretion of the readers.

Harry Potter has a plethora of unique characters, each adding up something to the story. Each reader would have one or many characters they could relate to, every character has a different story which defines them, they all have their special qualities and quirks. Every character has it’s importance, the thing about this series is that the main characters alone don’t lead the story, in fact it would be very monotonous without all the great “supporting” characters. That’s the beauty of Harry Potter, every character is equal and important.

One of the most central themes in HP is friendship, mainly the trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione, the three do everything together and are as close as close could be and they are all very different personalities and what is so real about the friendships in HP is that it’s real, it shows their flaws, aruguments and disagreements but it also shows that when it really matters they are always there for eachother, no matter what. It shows that friendship can be the binding element of almost everything, it gives you strength which is hidden inside you.

Love in the Harry Potter world is stronger than any dark magic, it protected Harry when he was just a baby against the most powerful dark wizard of all time! And it’s a constant from then on, between Molly’s motherly love, Sirius’ love for his godson, or the incredible bond between Fred and George! We are thrown into an emotional rollercoaster which is why a mere children’s book brings grown adults to tears.

The Harry Potter series is full of the most unique and desirable magical objects. They play a role in making us fall in love with the world of wizardry even more. Don’t we all wish we had the Time Turner and fix up things. It is not just that, with great power comes great responsibility. The Magical Objects in the series are powerful but dangerous and in the wrong hands can cause chaos.

What is a fantasy book without magical creatures? But the creatures in HP series are no ordinary creatures, they each have a story to tell, a unique history and background to distinguish them. Harry Potter has always been unique. It isn’t a story where the werewolf or goblin is the villain, no. It appreciates them in it’s own way. It doesn’t portray the centuars or goblins as the bad guys whereas most of the children’s books do. No, the potterverse doesn’t have pretty mermaids, it has the fierce and bold merpeople. HP comes with a strong message with a different take on magical creatures.

This brings us to the end of the blog. I can write a lot more but alas I must end this appreciation post here, I might bring a part 2 as well because there are a lot of things remaining to talk about.

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed it. Please free feel to comment.

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