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How does Truecaller work?


Have you ever wondered if you call someone from an unknown number, they may know who calls them via the most popular caller identification app Truecaller. But how do they actually find the right owner for a particular phone number along with their location and address. Well many people may think that they have a tie up with the cell phone networks and ISPs and they provide Truecaller authority with the database for every number. And this concept is completely false.

Let’s start from the beginning when you install the Truecaller app on your phone. As soon as you start the app, it demands some device permissions such as Storage, Contacts, Messages and Location. After you have given all those permissions, you login with your existing Truecaller account or create a new one or sign in with other social platforms such as Google or Facebook. And then all the contacts on your phone along with their address and email ID immediately gets uploaded on the Truecaller server under your account. All of the data are end-to-end encrypted and even the Truecaller Official Personnels can’t access them. The world has millions of Truecaller users and hence there are billions of contacts in their servers. Whenever someone calls you from an unknown number, the Truecaller app searches the number among billions other number in the server and if it finds any or multiple match, it shows the contact name, address and if possible their present location. That doesn’t mean you will get their actual name all the time. It shows the name by which the user had saved the number. As an example, when I searched my mother’s number in Truecaller, it showed the name “Elder Aunt” as one of my cousins who uses Truecaller saved my mother’s number with that name. Truecaller found the results from my cousins account database and showed me exactly that. So basically it does have some drawbacks and it has to be done in real time. Other drawbacks are that your internet connection whether mobile data or Wi-Fi must be turned on for the app to send and receive contact data. In terms of multiple results, it finds out most common, most relevant and the text that mostly resembles as an actual name rather than “Elder Aunt”.

And about the location it shows, which is seldom correct. If the unknown number owner uses Truecaller and he has his Internet and Location service both turned on, then only you will get his actual location. And in India this is a real headache as your mobile data automatically drops down to 3G or H+ when you receive a call without VoLTE. In this case Truecaller app struggles to fetch data with the slower and high latency internet connection.

Then what happens when you don’t want to use Truecaller service anymore? What happens to your contact data then? Well you can opt out any time from this service and there’s an option for this in the app. As soon as you close your account, Truecaller database permanently erases all your contact data that had been stored under your account along with any backup data you created, your call history and your search history.

So back to the summary then, you create a Truecaller account, your contacts gets uploaded securely to their servers, if there’s a request for a search the servers look up for the number, if it finds any relevant data it sends back to your phone showing the most relevant identity of the caller and you enjoy your day away from any fraud calls or spam. Even when your wicked friend tries to prank you from an unknown number. And if you delete your account, Truecaller will protect your privacy and permanently erase all your data that had been stored under your account. And finally, you are safe to go.

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