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How to detox your wardrobe


Earlier shopping spree was considered something as a stress buster but today with ever growing fast fashion and social media influencer flashing all over our newsfeed it has become more of a hectic work than a stress buster. Our wardrobes are filled with clothes and yet we don’t have anything to wear. Are you tired with making implusive purchases and later regretting it ? Here are few simple steps you can follow to detox your wardrobe.
1. Ask WHY before HOW
Before learning How to detox, contemplate why do you want to detox your wardrobe. The reason can be simple : you may want to let go of your past, bad memory or just that those clothes that doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore.
2. Prepare your Mind
Once you know the reason why you want to detox your wardrobe you can move onto the next improtant step which is HOW to do it. It isn’t going to be easy but makeup your mind. Before you let go, you need to loosen the grip.
3. Declutter
This is one of the important step and I would suggest you to do it in one go. So, once you’ve made up your mind sit down infront of your wardrobe and empty it. Now, segregate the clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Remove the clothes that doesn’t undersized or are oversized. Stick with the clothes that fit you and match with what you are today and not something which is a depection of you 5 years back.
I agree that clothes have an emotional value attached to it but you need to let go of certain things in order to make room to live more.
4. Stick to classics
The best way to detox your wardrobe and never cluttering it again is to make your wardrobe evergreen by adding classics such as basic, bold and solid colours. Include pieces which goes with everything in your wardrobe. The classic hoops, black denims, white shirt, well fitted tailored blazers, LBD, nude pumps are some of the examples.
Your dressing style speaks alot about your personality so add pieces to your wardrobe that speaks about the kind of person you are in the present. Learn to live in the moment and stop cluttering things for the future which you might never use.
5. Trick to Detox
If you are not sure that whether you will wear certain clothes in future or not. I have a little trick for you. Put those clothes in a box and keep them aside. If you don’t use any clothes from that stack within a month then probably you are never going to use it.
6. Donate
You might have a pile of clothes with you which you will never wear but there are people out there who don’t have a single piece of clothing to cover their body so might as well Donate what you don’t need. Help others. And soon you will realise that: The things that truly brings us joy aren’t things afterall.

Comment down in the comment section below and let me know your journey of Detox. And also let me know that if any of the things mentioned above helped you in your detox endeavour.

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